Monday, September 7, 2009

What is -- is.

All we argue over is interpretation.

No matter what interpretation wins, the truth of this universe remains. It is human nature that has created the interpretation. We look at our societies and beliefs as though they are things separate from ourselves, but we made them, we were brought into them, and we can change them. But no change of interpretation will change the truth of what God is.

You can only interpret your way so far. You may interpret your way to happiness, but you cannot interpret your way out of this world, or interpret your way to truth. Truth is a feeling; a knowing; a method of living. It is satisfaction and peace -- but intellectually, it is undefinable. Worldly knowledge can never be certain, and so is not worth trusting.

In light that our world is our perception, we should begin looking at what form of society we can structure for ourselves that would make everyone happy. There is no other point to living than to be happy, and to be good to our fellow man -- for just as nature intended, a piece of the whole cannot truly be happy unless the entire whole is happy. For a thing to function in nature, all parts must be healthy and cooperative. Control and power is an illusion; those of influence, if they are not generous, will find themselves as empty and desolate as the selfish, greedy, and destitute. In the end, when we face death, it is with all we have done in our lives; not with all we have owned. And after we die, there is judgment, but not the judgment we have created for ourselves in this world. It is a judgment of ourselves -- of being encased in the love of this universe, and seeing for the first time ourselves through the eyes of pure, unfiltered love, and then we must face the wrongs we have done, both to ourselves and to others.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sporadic thoughts...

All action finds its seeds in desire. Action is motion. Desire is the beginning of motion. All things in this universe are moving, so what did the First Mover desire?

then again, perhaps desire is a motion unto itself... but then to move, a thing must want to move, right? So thought began action, internal will begets external reality... To begin, a thing must want to begin. Things are the product of action, action is the product of the soul, the soul is the first mover, unmoved by nothing but itself... even the core of our beings are contradictions...

it only seems like a contradiction because in life, there is the illusion of beginning and endings... but if you actually look at how a fetus is made and develops, how a person is born, children we have... individuality dies, but the whole moves on, eternally reproducing itself... there is no beginning and no ending, no source, just the illusion of... Read More source, but all sources have source, even our thoughts and dreams, internal as well as external reality. We are contradictions because our cultures and societies make us so. We try to fit what we observe in the world to our own social constructs and values and when they don't fit, we are left with confusion, fear, anger, untruth... the trick to escaping contradiction is just being, accepting that all makes sense in the pattern of the universe, none of this is out of place...

my contradictions are not me, only the principle motion, the will that leads to desire that leads to movement... I am my direction... perhaps it is by contradiction, two opposite forces repelling each other, that motion is born -- the motion of our thoughts, of our desires, of our beings...

through contradiction, we desire balance, thus motion is born, and I am the thing that directs that motion... but even that direction is ultimately a cumulative illusion of past experiences, the illusion of choice when really every choice is already made for us, by our genetics, by our societies, by our parents and influences... so really, I am just the I. I observe. I do nothing.

"I" is the only thing impermeable and unchanging, and it does not move, it is ultimately uninfluenced by contradiction, force, will... as is the First Mover of this universe. All else is the illusion of movement, consequence, and contradiction.