Friday, February 19, 2010

Prayer and Righteous Action

Be kind and generous, and do not be afraid to be generous. Giving things away, even when we are in need of them, is what makes us free. In the end, the only thing you need is God, and that can never be taken away. God will always provide for you. Just trust, and be honest in your words and actions, and what you give will eventually be returned to you.

When you pray, pray through your heart, and trust that your prayers will be answered. Keep your eyes open. Watch. You will find that every prayer comes true if you are patient. God does not work on human terms. God sees all and knows all. God does more than just answer our prayers -- God recognizes that we are creatures of change, and anticipates our future needs.

The voice of God is powerful, far more than our own small voices. When God speaks to you, you will hear it through your body; do not ignore it or turn away. When we speak the Word and God speaks through us, we feel God's spirit pressing in our throats, and we realize how weak our own voices are. Never be afraid to speak God's Word, no matter what religion you hail from, as long as you speak out of kindness and sincerity. Never speak God's Word in judgment, and only speak in anger if you are protecting the weak. This is called righteous anger; you will recognize it by the pure outrage you feel on the behalf of others. One who is truly spiritual will never be angry over a personal attack or betrayal, and will realize the necessity of keeping one's mouth shut, for what comes out of us in anger can defile us if it is for impure and selfish reasons. The effect that our words have on others cannot be taken back, and must be forgiven, both by ourselves and by the ones we hurt. However, if we speak angrily on the behalf of others, to protect them and shelter them from unfair treatment, then our anger is immediately forgiven and deemed righteous and pure.

We are meant to shield each other from the cruelties of the ignorant, but always remember -- they are ignorant. They know not what they do. If they knew God, they would not act in such a way. Forgive them.