Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Not gonna lie. Today I was definitely sad. I had a moment this morning where I was downright depressed and close to tears.

Seeing as I was alone in the house, I finally just opened my mouth and said, "I'm really sad today."

And immediately, I heard God say in my heart, "Why are you sad?"

I said, "Because I miss my father."

He replied, "What would you be doing together right now if he was here?"

I thought about that for a moment. To be honest, I had no answer. I finally said, "I don't know. Just living my life with him, I suppose. Probably living in an apartment somewhere and working. I just miss him being around."

And God said, "Do you know why he had to die?"

I asked "Why?"

And He said, "Because he is Home now, and you will see him again, and this period of life is only a second. What about everything else? Do you not like your job?"

I thought of my wonderful job working for a creative magazine, my successful publishing career and the students I get to tutor, and I smiled and said, "No, I love my job."

And God said, "Do you love the man I sent you?"

And I thought of Robert, my boyfriend, and I smiled again and said, "No, I love Robert, he is loyal and kind, and we are so well matched, even in our flaws."

And God said, "What about the house I gave you? Do you like your house? Do you like your friends? Do you love your brother?"

And then I was smiling, and all I could do was kneel down on my knees in awe at all of the blessings God has showered on me. And I said, "Thank you, God. Thank you so much. I am grateful for everything and my life is perfect. Thank you for my wonderful, beautiful, perfect life."