Monday, August 4, 2014

So what if you're not liked?

We weren't given much time, either way. A lifetime? 80 years?

God is the only permanent companion. Surely, you must realize that by now. Why become so attached to others, when you already know their inevitable departure?

Why try to impress? Why try to hold on?

You and I, my friend, are not like them. The loneliness eats at us, because even surrounded by our fellows, we feel that emptiness of their hearts. When we surround ourselves with those who are sleeping, God feels absent from the world. No matter what the circle, I inevitably feel alone.

Loneliness has become, in a way, like God. Because here, I can feel His love beside me, and His love is greater than all worldly desires.

I don't know where I am called. I don't know where I go, or what I see. But with God as my guide and savior, I continue to explore the world, and learn about myself and my purpose.

 Life is an endless mystery. What to value, what to maintain, what to seek, what to hold dear...we never stop seeking. But God is here in the woodwork, hiding beneath our fingers and along the narrow angle of a shelf.